In order to maintain reliability and confidence in the Wyndy app, the following is our policy regarding sitter cancellations:

Sitters are allowed up to two (2) excused cancellations (due to illness, accident, severe weather, etc.). Exceeding two (2) excused cancellations will result in the sitter’s suspension from the Wyndy app.

Additionally, Wyndy has a zero-tolerance policy for unexcused cancellations, last-minute cancellations (defined as cancellations within 12 hours of a job's start time) and no-shows. This behavior will result in an immediate suspension from the Wyndy app.

If a sitter needs to cancel a booked job, they should do so within the Wyndy app. It is important to give your reason for canceling by adding notes in the cancellation section. Wyndy reviews all cancellation notes to ensure that jobs are not being canceled unnecessarily.