When you open the app, you can access the job board, which will show all of the available jobs in a calendar view.  You can filter jobs by date, time, rate, distance to job, number and gender of children, and more.  You can notify parent users if you are interested in their job, and they can offer you the job. If a parent offers you a job, you will receive an in-app notification and an email with the offer. Each notification will contain a response time which the parents will set.  If you do not respond to the job offer within the allotted response time, the job will be offered to another Wyndy.

Parents also have the ability to browse Wyndy profiles, create a “My Wyndys” list, and offer jobs directly to those Wyndys. If you receive a job offer from a parent for a job that is not on the job board, it means that a parent has added you to their “My Wyndys” list. Parents can also connect with other parents on Wyndy to see the Wyndys their friends have used and the ratings their friends have given them. By doing a good job for one parent, you will immediately be recommended to all of the parent’s friends on Wyndy, which should help you receive more job offers in the future.