Wyndys are undergraduate or graduate students who love kids and are looking for rewarding, flexible work to fit in with their busy class schedules. Many of our sitters are working towards degrees in Elementary or Special Education, Pediatric Nursing, or Speech Therapy. You can find information on each sitter's major and other interests and activities on our sitters’ profiles in the Wyndy app.

Students looking to work as Wyndy sitters must first complete Wyndy's application process. During the process, Wyndy verifies each student's enrollment at a Wyndy-approved college or university, evaluates a video interview in which each student details their childcare experience, and requires each student to successfully pass a background check.

Checkr, an industry leader who processes the background checks for Wyndy, verifies the applicant’s identity and checks each candidate against numerous national and local criminal databases.

Once a candidate has successfully completed all steps in our application process, we welcome them onto the platform and they become Wyndys!