We do our best to balance the correct ratio of parents to sitters on Wyndy, but it’s not uncommon for a Wyndy to express interest in several jobs before getting booked. If you’re having trouble booking jobs, here are our best tips:

Be sure to completely fill out your Wyndy profile with as much information as you can.

Choose a clear profile image that just features you.

Keep a close eye on the job board and try to express interest as soon as you see a job you’d like. Keep in mind that last-minute jobs are being posted often, especially on the weekends, and those jobs are typically filled within one hour of being posted. Weekend jobs are less competitive than jobs posted during the week, so the easiest way to get booked and meet a family is by working a job for them on the weekend.

Once you work a job for one parent and do a great job, the app will promote you to that parent’s connections, which will help you book future jobs.

After you get booked and rated 4 times, your rating will show up when parents view your profile, so the app should naturally do the work for great Wyndys to help them get noticed even more. Sometimes booking the first few jobs is the hardest part!

We’re seeing more parents joining and more jobs being posted every day, so keep expressing interest and hopefully you will get booked soon!