Here’s a breakdown of what each star indicates:

  • 5 stars - Wyndy was magical
  • 4 stars - Wyndy was great
  • 3 stars - Wyndy was good
  • 2 stars - Wyndy needs improvement
  • 1 star - Wyndy was unsatisfactory

Wyndys generally do not receive a public rating until they have received 4 ratings. Because parents aren't required to rate Wyndys who work for them, it can sometimes take more than 4 jobs for a Wyndy to receive a public rating.

Please keep in mind that the longer a Wyndy works on the app, the harder it is to maintain a 5-star rating due to the subjectivity of ratings and the differences among families and what they desire in a Wyndy.

We want to help great Wyndys get noticed by more families and get more job offers, so please do your Wyndys a favor and remember to rate them on your email receipt after the job.