On your Home Screen, you’ll have the option to either create a job or browse Wyndys.  If you choose to browse, you can view all of the Wyndy profiles and filter by numerous criteria (including school, major, experience, and more).  When you locate Wyndys you like, you can simply click on the Add to My Wyndys button in their profiles to save them to your “My Wyndys” list.  When you create a job, you can offer it directly to “My Wyndys” instead of posting it to the job board. You can select as few or as many “My Wyndys” as you like, order them by preference, set a response time, and hit go. The app will then send a notification directly to your first preferred sitter. If the first Wyndy accepts, the job is booked.  If the first Wyndy declines or fails to respond in the allotted response time, the app will then send a notification directly to your second-preferred sitter and will continue this process until the job is booked or all of the interested Wyndys you selected have been contacted.