Due to COVID-19, Wyndy has temporarily suspended all penalties and fees associated with cancellations by parents or sitters. If you have questions, please reach out to to us at support@wyndy.com.

We want both our sitters and parents to find success on the Wyndy platform. Cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, therefore we want to respect the time our Wyndy sitters set aside from school work and activities to perform the Wyndy jobs they have booked.

If you need to cancel a booked job, we ask that you give the Wyndy more than 24 hours notice. That way, Wyndy sitters have time to find and book another Wyndy job during that same time. Here's how to cancel a booked job in the Wyndy app.

If unexpected circumstances force you to cancel a booked job within 24 hours of the start time, a $15 cancellation fee will automatically be charged to you. 100% of this fee will be sent directly to the sitter to compensate them for their time and any potential missed Wyndy job opportunities.

To read our Sitter Cancellation Policy, click here.